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Glorious Wren Character Sheet


Motivation: To bring victory to just rule.


  • the Army of the Sun
  • destroying the Mask of Winters
  • the Pillers, Dammerung-Ort and Bergwachter


Physical Social Mental
Strength••••o Charisma••••o Perception••ooo
Dexterity••••• Manipulation••ooo Intelligence••ooo
Stamina•••oo Appearance••••• Wits•••oo

Additional Notes:

  • +1 Wits (Gem of Clear Thought)


Dawn Zenith Twilight Night Eclipse
Archeryooooo Integrity••••• Craftooooo Athletics•••oo Bureaucracy•••oo
Martial Arts••••• Performance••ooo Investigation••ooo Awareness•••oo Linguistics••ooo
Meleeooooo Presence••••• Lore••••• Dodge••••• Ride•••oo
Thrownooooo Resistance•••oo Medicineooooo Larcenyooooo Sail•••oo
War••••• Survivalooooo Occult••••• Stealthooooo Socialize••••o

Additional Notes:

  • Languages: Skytongue, Riverspeak, High Realm


Compassion Temperance
••••o ••ooo
Conviction Valor
••ooo •••••

Combat Factors

Join Battle: 7

Join War: 7 (solo), 7 - Magnitude (complementary)

Physical Offense
Attack Spd Acc Atk Pool Dam Dam Pool Rng Rate Tags Notes
9-Ring Daiklaive5+418+7L17L-3OOrichalcum, balanced for dual wield
Clinch6+014+0B6B,4L-1N, C-

Additional Notes

  • 9-Ring Daiklaive: An advanced version of the wavebreaker daiklaive, with a wider blade for better balance and a series of rings along the spine. It suffers no penalty wielded off-hand, and like a wavebreaker daiklaive, holds two hearthstone settings.
  • +4 accuracy on Martial Arts attacks. (Seven Leaping Dragon Stone)
  • +4L damage on all attacks. (Ice Gem)
  • +2 damage to all attacks (Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers)
Physical Defense
Source Pool DV Type
9-Ring Daiklaive126Parry

Additional Notes

  • +3 to Dodge pool. (Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers)
Soak Hardness
Skin of Invulnerable Bronze6121261212

Health Levels: 9 (-1, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4)

Social Offense
Attack Spd Pool (Honest) Pool (Deceit) Rate Notes
Presence4972Single target
Performance6641All targets
Investigation5642Single target
Social Defense
Source Pool DV Type
Presence (Honest)95Parry



War Shatters Serenity

In a blinding flash of white and gold, Wren moves to a fighting stance. Her speed is incomparable.

Charms: Reflex Sidestep Technique (1m, R), Seven Shadow Evasion (3m, R), Blinding White Flash (2m+, R), Infinite Martial Arts Mastery (2+m, R)

Effect: Combat-opener. BWF slows her opponents, giving her initiative, and IMAM comes up to give her scene-length MA dice. SSE is a reserve perfect. This combo can be activated reflexively against unexpected attacks due to RST.

Charging Avalanche Strike

Wren charges through her opponent, cleaving past their defenses for a single, terrible blow.

Charms: Seven Shadow Evasion (3m, R), First MA Excellency (1m+, R), Thunderbolt Attack Prana (3m 1wp, Su), Ice-Shattering Strike (4+m, R), Maw of Dripping Venom (5m, Su)

Effect: Offensive single-attack assault. 1MA to buy up attack pool by up to 10 dice, with TAP adding an automatic bonus success. Thunderbolt Attack Prana doubles post-soak damage dice, and Wren can buy further post-soak levels with Ice-Shattering Strike. Maw of Dripping Venom inflicts an essence drain effect. SSE is a reserve perfect.

Cutting Frost Blade

Her weapon, wreathed in the chill of her homeland, cuts to the bone like a bitter wind.

Charms: Seven Shadow Evasion (3m, R), First MA Excellency (1m+, R), Ice-Shattering Strike (4+m, R) Maw of Dripping Venom (5m, Su)

Effect: Offensive general attack, suitable for flurries or just to strike with 1MA, ISS, and MDV; SSE in reserve.

Twisting Labyrinth Assault

A complex weave of movement and strikes traps her opponent amid a flurry of blows. The enemy is torn apart by the implacable advance of a blizzard's wind.

Charms: Seven Shadow Evasion (3m, R), First MA Excellency (1m+, R), Ice-Shattering Strike (4+m, R), Rising Sun Approach (5m, EA)

Effect: Offensive extra-attack assault. Take a pile of attacks at better bonuses with RSA, buy them up with 1MA and ISS. SSE is, as always, reserved.

Sitting in Judgement

The true god-king yields to neither blandishment nor fear. Wren's authority brooks no compromise.

Charms: First Presence Excellency (1m+, R), Terrifying Apparition of Glory (3m/2m, Su), Irresistible Salesman Spirit (3m, Su), Elusive Dream Defense (5m, R)

Effect: Social assault. Social attack is undodgeable, can be supplemented with 1P and doubles successes on the attack roll. EDD is in reserve.



  • First Athletics Excellency
  • Thunderbolt Attack Prana - Bonus success on attack, double post-soak damage


  • First Bureaucracy Excellency
  • Speed the Wheels - Improves bureaucratic efficiency


  • First Dodge Excellency
  • Shadow Over Water - Reflexive full-pool dodge
  • Reflex Sidestep Technique - Dodge unexpected attack
  • Flow Like Blood - Ignore onslaught and coordinated attack penalties
  • Seven Shadow Evasion - Perfect dodge


  • First Integrity Excellency
  • Integrity Protecting Prana - Defends against direct 'Shaping' effects and Wyld hazards
  • Temptation-Resisting Stance - Add Temperance (or another relevant virtue) to a mental DV
  • Elusive Dream Defense - Perfect social defense
  • Transcendent Hero's Meditation - Breaks long-term unnatural mental influences


  • Second Lore Excellency
  • Immanent Solar Glory x 5 - Gain 10 peripheral Essence each time
  • Essence Lending Method - Transfer motes to another
  • Soul-Enlightening Beneficence - Awaken mortal Essence

Martial Arts

  • First Martial Arts Excellency
  • Infinite Martial Arts Mastery
Sun and Sun's Mirror Style
  • Blinding White Flash - Penalize opponent Join Battle rolls
  • Rising Sun Approach - Reduce flurry penalties
  • Setting Sun Approach - Two-attack flurries are free
  • Sun and Sun's Mirror Form - Create illusionary double
  • Ice-Shattering Strike - Buy post-soak damage
  • Hiding Behind Nothing Method - Unexpected attack if not interrupted
  • Burning Eyes Kata - Gain Essence for dodging, but lose it for being hit
  • Deception Pierces Truth Strike - Perfect attack, damage is Essence + Awareness
  • Truth Becomes Deception Evasion - Near-perfect dodge
Scarlet Patterned Battlefield Style
  • Without Strategy Arrangement - Scene-length defense charm, attacks are unexpected
Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style
  • Orichalcum Sheathing Stance - Soak booster
  • Deadly Starmetal Offensive - Improved unarmed attacks
  • Flickering Moonsilver Approach - Make MA attacks from range
  • Five Jade Fury - Variety of attack bonuses (but only one applies per attack)
  • Four Magical Materials Form - Gain above four charms, and converts lethal to bashing damage
  • Dusk Abyssal Exalt Ways - Mimic anima of a Dusk Abyssal, and gain bonuses on their favored abilities
  • God Ways - Dematerialize and possess people or objects
  • Games of Divinity Form - More difficult to attack, and addictive presence
  • Demense Emulation Practice - Scene-length damage adder
  • Demense and Manse Form - Be a manse, have a free hearthstone
  • Charm Redirection Technique - Cancel or redirect an activated charm
  • Sequential Charm Disruption - Cancel or redirect an already-active charm, or a combo
  • Spell-Shattering Palm - Disrupt a spell or counter a casting
  • Astrology Interruption Method - Disrupt a Sidereal astrology effect
  • Soul Fire Shaper Form - Treat permanent Essence as 10, gain one free use of one of above four charms per action
  • Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form - Activate multiple Forms, initiative and perception bonuses
Charcoal March of Spiders Style
  • Unnatural Many-Step Stride - Increased mobility, materialize/dematerialize, and penalize witnesses
  • Maw of Dripping Venom - Inflict stacking Essence drain attack
  • Rain of Unseen Threads - Create and wield threads of Essence
  • Dance of the Hungry Spider - Reflexive movement
  • Charcoal March of Spiders Form - Extra actions, includes UMSS and DHS


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • Celestial Circle Sorcery
  • Solar Circle Sorcery
  • Underworld Circle Necromancy
  • Labyrinth Circle Necromancy
  • Spirit-Detecting Glance - See dematerialized spirits
  • All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight - See Essence
  • Sorcerer's Burning Chakram - AESS is cheaper, and auto-activates with anima


  • First Presence Excellency
  • Infinite Presence Mastery
  • Majestic Radiant Presence - Be really awesome-looking; people must make Valor check to attack
  • Terrifying Apparition of Glory - Makes social attacks undodgeable with MDDV
  • Underling Promoting Touch - Grant authority to an agent
  • Authority-Radiating Stance - Be in charge
  • Irresistible Salesman Spirit - Double social attack successes


  • Ox-Body Technique - Gain extra HLs


  • First War Excellency
  • Mob-Dispersing Rebuke - Force a unit to rout or scatter
  • Rout-Stemming Gesture - Protect a unit from routing, or stop them after they start
  • Fury Inciting Presence - Gather bystanders into a military unit
  • Heroism-Encouraging Presence - Raise Valor of all nearby units
  • Tiger-Warrior Training Method - Train awesome minions
  • Legendary Warrior Curriculum - Train even more awesome minions

Spirit Charms

  • (Universal) Principle of Motion - Store extra actions to expend later


Emerald Circle

  • Summon Elemental
  • Invulnerable Skin of Bronze - Grants soak and hardness
  • Unbreakable Bones of Stone - Grants strength and stamina bonuses

Sapphire Circle

  • Summoning the Heavenly Portal - Summons the Calibration Gate to Yu Shan
  • Imbue Amalgam - Creates a sentient or semi-sentient construct

Adamant Circle

  • Adamant Banishing
  • Technique Mirror - Attacks are duplicated against the attacker

Iron Circle

  • Summon Ghost
  • Gathering a Ghost's Strings - Allows manipulation of a ghost's Motivation and Fetters
  • Piercing the Shroud - Opens a gate to the Labyrinth
  • Shattering Void Mirror - Disrupts a target's Essence, dealing damage
  • Stones Worn Smooth - Consumes a ghost

Onyx Circle

  • Golden Shadows Cast in Frieze - Frees a spectre from madness
  • Infinite Footsteps - Navigates the Labyrinth