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Root of Adamant Thought

Roots of Adamant Thought are giant cathedrals attached to Firmaments. They each oversee an area of approximately sixty four thousand square miles of creation. These enourmous structures are similar to the smaller Seeds and Branches, but are not fortified. Instead, the main statues are larger, and the smaller statues more numerous. The temples' consecrations to the Unconquered Sun are directly powered by the underlying demesnes, empowering the prayers within. This is tied to the higher maintenance requirement though, aside from the statues only granting access to those who properly venerate the Unconquered Sun, if periodic sacrifices are not made, the Temple power fails.


Four dot fire manse

  • Maintenance 3
  • Provider 3
  • Bound Servitor Force 3
  • Mela's Sweet Whisper
  • Network Node 1
  • Self Destruct 1
  • Temple 3
  • Comfort Zone 1
  • Gemstone of Surface Thoughts 2