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The Saffron Mouths of Harmonious Discourse

The Saffron Philosophers believe that reason can describe how and why the world exists. While equally adamant in their faith, they politely differ on minutia, and derive endless enjoyment from scholarly debate over obscure lore and occult references. Almost incidentally, many pick up obscure branches of thaumaturgy during their studies.

While all Philosophers are excellent scholars, as many are impeccably precise as are manically chaotic. They believe that with logical persuasion, anyone will come to accept their beliefs as an inarguable truth.


The Philosophers emphasize knowledge: lore, medicine and occult. They have an especial fondness for teaching and for thaumaturgy, though not necessarily together.

Philosophers channel the control learned into a novice into one of two archery styles, either a carelessly distracted seeming shot, or a Zen-like focused trance. Both ways are equally accurate. They do not further develop the novice martial arts training.