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The Evermind

The Evermind is one of the most secret manses ever constructed. Built entirely underground and inaccessable, it is impossible to find without possessing extremely precise directions, and even then getting to it is a difficult endeavor. There is no way at all to locate the manse simply by stumbling across it; dense, thorny undergrowth surrounds the slight clearing directly above the manse. Even if someone made his way to directly on top of the body of the Evermind, no sign exists indicating its presence. The landscape has also been carefully altered to prevent geomancy from locating the Evermind; it is extremely difficult to even notice that the area contains a potential demesne. Even attempts to find it through supernatural divinations will simply fail, as though no such place exists. In fact, the manse lies entirely outside of fate.

These precautions are not undertaken lightly, for the Evermind slowly accumulates a priceless treasure: knowledge. Any information which the Evermind is presented with is instantly absorbed and will be remembered forever. Only the hearthstone bearer can remove information, and nothing will prevent the Evermind from relearning it when an opportunity presents itself. However, the Evermind will only disclose what it knows to its hearthstone bearer, until he decides to allow others access to it. The Evermind is capable of obeying complex rules about who may access what information, but has no inherent way to determine identity. This is less of a problem than it might seem, for the Evermind must be linked to other manses to intereact with the world at all. Only the Evermind's hearthstone bearer can design manses that resonate in such a way as to allow access to the Evermind. This allows that manse to access whatever stored knowledge the hearthstone bearer permits. The linked manse still requires some form of built in interaction to make this a useful power. Additionally, the Evermind will “watch” through all linked manses' senses, recording everything it sees, and leeching the information out of any archives, books, or similar information sources on site.

Although absolutely nothing suggests it, performing the Bathing in River Meditation at the exact center of the clearing above the Evermind will cause a small flower to grow over the course of a day. If the Evermind has a hearthstone waiting to be claimed, the roots of the flower will hold the Hearthstone. If the flower is disturbed before the hearthstone is removed, it will crumble to dust, and a new one will grow. Extreme care is therefor required when claiming the Evermind's loyalty.


+3 Habitability 3

+15 Wood 5

1 Network Node

2 Archive

2 Geomantic Subtlety

4 Greater Veil of Shadows

4 Outside Fate

5 Stone of Loyalty