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Adamant Order Cosmology

In the infinite past, Creation was without form. Chaos was everything, and patterns swirled and eddied upon the void. And in the dark mirror of the void, twisted patterns danced back, but all was chaos. One of these patterns was mightiest of all, destroying many lesser patterns that came against him and sometimes working his will upon the firmament. In time though, he grew melancholy, for none could bear his presence. From a solitary perch, he considered the Chaos. So great was his concentration that all fell silent for a great distance around him. He turned his gaze first on the largest pattern and studied it, and he knew it. And when his gaze had passed, another crept from the chaos to consider what had fascinated him so. She saw also, for it had fallen still under his gaze, and named it. And so Earth came to be.

He turned next to the most intricate, and he studied it. When he knew it, it also had fallen still, and when his gaze passed on, again the other came to see what had fascinated him so. She saw, and named it also. And so Air came to be.

He turned next to the most active, and when his gaze had passed, it would not be still, so she named it Fire.

He turned finally to the newest of the patterns, and considered it. When his gaze had passed, it danced, and she named it Water.

When he had finished, he considered the four together, and in this way caused them to join together. The other saw also, and named the joining Wood.

In this way Creation was made, and the mightiest named it his. But he had heard the lesser one name Wood, and sought her out. When she stood before him, he turned his gaze upon her, and saw that they were alike. And he named her Luna.

When she asked his name in return, he turned his gaze inward and saw the terrible brightness of it, and he felt the heat of his fury, and named himself Sun, Unconquered Lord.

And so it went. The Unconquered Sun gazed sometimes upon creation, and sometimes upon the heavens and Luna also gazed sometimes upon creation, and sometimes upon the heavens, and they named the patterns they saw there, and those patterns named other patterns, and so on, until all heaven was formed.

The Unconquered Sun remained vigilant through this, for there were many who sought to destroy his creation, and many who wished to claim it. Many were his battles and mighty were his struggles, and many were the times he saved Creation from mighty foes, until their bodies piled about Creation like a wall. Still, more came to challenge him, and though those he had named fought with him, he was wearied. Yet he remained Unconquered.

As he lay tired from his trials, he again regarded creation. Earth had named spirits, and Air had named spirits, and Fire and Water and Wood had named spirits, and creation was full of spirits. Somehow though, more than that had arisen. From Creation came forth a race that was not spirits of creation, nor spirits of the heavens, nor the patterns of the Chaos, nor the twisted reflections of the Void. Life had made itself and brought forth the race of men.

And in the race of men, the Unconquered Sun saw something like himself. And in his beneficence, he turned his warm smile upon Creation. Those most like himself, he blessed, and gave to them dominion over the Spirits and people of creation.

He knew that they would be lonely, so he caused the spirits of the heavens to make companions for them. He knew also that they would become weary, so he caused the spirits of Creation to shape servants and guards for their sleep. Finally, he knew that they would be challenged by the patterns of Chaos, and imparted to them a measure of his power, so they might master the patterns and give them names.

And then the Unconquered Sun slept. And Luna watched him as he slept, and all the spirits of heaven watched him also.

For a hundred hundred years the Unconquered Sun rested and watched the world. His chosen defended creation, and the chosen of heaven stood by them, and the chosen of Creation served them and guarded their sleep.

On the hundredth night of the hundredth century, a spirit of heaven failed to cover a patch of sky as day turned to night. On the hundredth night, the chosen of the Sun fought a massive beast in the chaos, and did not see. On the hundredth night, the twisted reflections of the void showed through, and their images struck terror into the chosen of Heaven and Wrath into the children of Earth. When the Chosen of Sun emerged victorious the next morning, the sky was covered. They called to the Chosen of Heaven, who fled in fear of their reflections upon the void. They fled grieving to their homes and the chosen of Creation rose against them with wrath for the images of the void. In their grief, the Chosen of the Sun were struck down.

Grieving for the loss of those like him, the Unconquered Sun declared that he would choose no new protectors until his sadness had abated.

For three thousand years, he has grieved and Creation has had no new protectors. In that time, patterns have had their way with creation as they devour it from the edges and send their ravages and blights across it.