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Branch of Adamant Thought

Branches of Adamant Thought are the Adamant Order's regional strongholds. They are moderately large monasteries, dedicated to the care of nearby communities and the administration of attached Seeds. An impressive wall delineates the borders of the cluster of buildings. A large strip of grassy area stands between the wall and the buildings, with vegetable gardens or orchards usually present.

While various Branches may have slightly different architecture, depending on regional norms and the specifics of the location, they are fundamentally the same. While the layout is generally the same as a Seed, albeit scaled up, there are several differences.

The wall surrounding a Branch is significant, reaching eighteen feet into the air, and with a four foot wide walkway at the top. Each cardinal direction has a gate, with the east gate being by far the largest and most imposing of the four. This gate is an imposing structure fifteen feet tall and twenty feet wide. Twin doors open outward from the wall, with a smaller door inset into one. A gatehouse built around it ensures the security of this main entrance, and houses a second set of equally large inward opening doors twenty feet past the first. The other gates are less impressive, each having only a small guardhouse beside the gate and a single door large enough to lead a horse through. These smaller doors are however in some ways more secure, as three strategically placed obelisks can be made to fall blocking the doors and removing any possibility of entrance.

Statues of the order stand in niches along the tops of each wall, with the Crimson Order to the east, the Harlequin Order to the south, the Saffron Order to the south, and the Cerulean order to the North. These statues appear to be stone, but as with the statues in the Seeds' temples, will act to defend the Branch should it be threatened. Several more statues flank each gate. Statues of the Aubergine Order are spaced along the main walkway from the east and guard the central buildings' exteriors.

Though somewhere between two and three times as large, the four central buildings have the same general arrangement found in Seeds of Adamant Thought. Outer doors and the walls between the buildings are also more secure. One major change is the addition of classrooms to the southern building.

In the courtyard, instead of a tree, there is a large rock garden. Careful balance allows one to get to the large central rock. While only large enough for three or four people, this location is ideal for quiet discussion, plotting or simple meditation.

The temple, though larger, more impressive and more ornate, is very similar in arrangement and layout. The statues are all larger, with the servants standing taller than any human, and the Unconquered Sun statue reaching two stories in height. The statues will obey any member of the Adamant Order with authority over the Branch. The Unconquered Sun statue can watch through the eyes of any of the statues at linked Seeds, and can speak through them to relay orders from high ranking members of the Adamant Order. The hearthroom is still under the courtyard. Access is exactly as with Seeds, though the platform is truly massive. The hearthroom generates a Gem of Dignity that is the emblem of authority for the Branch, but also will generate up to three 0-Dot hearthstones that will allow their bearer to command the lesser statues of the manse, as well as demonstrating authority over linked Seeds. The statues will always obey any member of the Adamant Order with authority over the Branch.

Aside from the passage into the hearthroom, mundane doors bar entrance into catacombs under the manse. The catacombs are not especially extensive, but do provide underground passage between buildings. The Unconquered Sun statue can watch through the eyes of any of the statues at linked Seeds, and can speak through them to relay communications to and from high ranking members of the Adamant Order.

Branches are run by full members of the Adamant Order, and have at least three representatives of each tradition. Though numbers can vary, the usual number of initiates at a Branch is between fifty and eighty five. Additionally, they often take on orphans or abandoned children, and there are usually advanced novices serving, so the stable population can be as high as a hundred and twenty. During crises, the monks offer shelter and food to anyone requesting it, and will organize raiding parties to deal with threats such as bandits in the area.

  • 9 Earth 3
  • 2 Maintenance
  • 3 Provider Manse
  • 3 Bound Servitor Force
  • 2 Fortress Manse
  • 1 Network Node
  • 1 Self Destruct Sequence
  • 1 Gem of Dignity