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Episode Six: Zombies with matches

When we left our heroes, they had just slaughtered a civic-minded zombie work-gang, and in the process lit the low-income housing around them on fire. After some brief discussion, Ranger Brad went scouting, Hammer and Monsoon went to kill more zombies, and Orchid and Rabbit stayed to explain why they were standing in the middle of dead zombies and fire. When the mob arrived, they explained that the zombies had been playing with matches. Which went over really, really well. The next attempt “…so we should throw them off our island” went much less well. A retry also failed, so Rabbit settled for forming a bucket chain to put out a fire. 

Hammer and Monsoon found a second gang to attack, and started tearing through them. Brad continued scouting, and eventually climbed a building to shoot into the fight. 

Rabbit slipped away from the first fire and ran over to start another fire at the fight, then speechified again to the crowd that gathered there. Again, zombie pyromaniacs. 

Hammer, Monsoon, and Orchid return to the Inn to sleep. Brad patrols. Rabbit goes to Brilliant Parakeet's opulent mansion to “sleep”. The remaining zombies continue building a statue and a road. 

The next morning, everyone wakes up to a gathering in front of the Merchants Consortium building. It's the preacher, with the zombies lined up in the square. She gives a very sad speech. Then they all march sadly into the water. One of the ghosts stops to sadly pat a kitten. The kitten is also sad. 

Rabbit promptly hops up and gives and gives an inspiring shoulder-to-the-wheel speech, which basically undoes all the brainwashing the preacher had just finished. 

The circle takes over Muddy Reefs, and the session ends there. 

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