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Episode 2: When in a Hole...

Rabbit began on the ship, and stayed there for most of the session. He went back and forth between the demon story and the barbecue story, and rolled rather a lot of botches on each. Orchid was walking back to the manse, and was accosted by five of the remaining marines. They attempted to drag her off (as a hostage), but were only partly successful. She screamed, and they started trying to knock her out. Unfortunately for them, she still had Invulnerable Skin of Bronze active from last session. Their attack bonuses were significant, but she soaked everything. Hearing her scream, Hammer and Third Monsoon (who the party now calls “Doctor Murder” for his actions last session) quickly un-barricaded the chapel and emerged.  Monsoon gutted one of the marines like a fish, and they all ran back to the dormitory. Monsoon, Hammer, and Orchid retreated back to the chapel and re-barricaded themselves in. Ranger Brad continued sitting on the beach trying to think of some reasonable explanation for their actions. Rabbit continued botching explanations to the crew. Everyone waits for a two hours. 

Hammer tries to punch their Dragon Blood captive awake, resetting his “passed out” timer. Everyone fails perception checks. Time to go negotiate with the marines! They re-un-barricade the chapel and head over to the dorm. The marines are no longer there. If this is starting to seem a little Benny Hillish, that's because it is. Everyone fails perception checks again. Rabbit tries to stare down the crew, and botches. Everyone fails perception checks again. Rabbit notices by fiat that the crew have all gathered elsewhere, and there is an additional person there who is soaking wet (the marine who everyone repeatedly failed to notice swimming out to the ship). The marine yells (approximately) “get him”. Rabbit tries social combatting them, and botches. They threaten Rabbit. Cut to the beach! The crew are oblivious, but Ranger Brad sees trouble brewing on the boat and attacks! Sailor is injured! Three sailors surround and threaten Brad, the other two grab the Fire Aspect and drag him toward the launch. Brad attacks the draggers! More minor injuries! Now we enter the learning part of the session: the grapple rules. The grapple rules take a long time, and there is much ineffectual pawing. Eventually, brad and one of the sailors have each taken two whole levels of bashing damage, and he's had enough. He wins control of the grapple, breaks free, and retreats (taking a point of limit, per his idiom). The sailors grab the dragon blood and the launch and row back to the ship. Meanwhile Rabbit, finding himself surrounded by a hojillion sailors (well, six anyway) surrenders. Brad meets the party from the chapel, and they all head down to the beach. The ship begins moving. A bosun comes below to interrogate Rabbit. Rabbit says nothing. Just then there is an explosion! Orchid, having regained essence, blows it all on some spell that explodes a mast. Chaos! The bosun leaves, and the ship begins moving more away with its two remaining masts. 

The party (minus Rabbit) explores the town. It continues to be burned down. There is also a generic mystic's hut. Everyone fails a few more perception checks. The ship secretly sails around the island, comes close to shore, and picks up the marines. At this point, it's not clear if anyone even knows that their hostage is alive. I can't think of anyone. Nonetheless, the ship sails out a few hundred yards away from them, anchors there, and waits. The party also waits, hoping their sole remaining bargaining chip is not in a coma. This time, they refrain from practicing percussive medicine, and after a few hours he wakes up. Also this time, they try talking first. After some questions and answers, the eclipse binds the party not to raise a hand against any of the crew, Islesi not to raise a hand against them, and to deliver them safely to Coral, and not to turn them over to authorities. They agree to return all his stuff too. 

They are unpopular on the ship for the next three and a half weeks. Monsoon gains a point of limit each week. After that, a nondescript sailor slips into one of their rooms and says that they need to get off the ship, they will be fed to sharks on arrival at Coral, and that they need to pay attention when there is a commotion tomorrow. They decide to leave immediately. Orchid has spent her time learning a spell that turns fruits into boats, so they send Ranger Brad to the galley to find a banana. The banana caper goes off without a hitch. They figure out someplace to go which isn't a necromancer kingdom, and begin the sneaking.

Above decks, there are a half dozen sailors on watch. They are not impressed by Plan:Bananaboat, but are very impressed with Rabbit's speech. If I recall correctly, it went: “whoa! Hey, whoa! Sometimes nature is just like 'whoa!', and you've gotta go with it. Whoa.” Rabbit also gave several more speeches, all variations on that theme. Meanwhile, everyone else climbed down into the banana boat. Monsoon (né Dr. Murder) nearly attacked one of the watch, but thought better of it. The Jade Gull (did I mention that was the ship's name?) hauled around and followed them all the way to Muddy Reefs, an unimposing dock town. 

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