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Drunken Bear

Drunken Bear used to be Small Bear, because he was smaller than his brother, Big Bear. Big Bear outshone his brother in every way, and was popular with everyone. Small Bear practically worshipped him. Many of the houses in the village were built or rebuilt by him after the pirate raids. Not long after Soothing Waves showed up, Big Bear started wasting away from a mysterious disease. The monks were not able to cure him, but helped as much as they could. Small Bear found comfort in two things: the Soothing Waves Smithy (and a newly discovered talent for blacksmithing), and the Dolphin's Favor Tavern. Perversely, Small Bear believed that exceeding his brother's skill at blacksmithing dishonored his memory, so rarely allows any of the masterpieces he creates to leave the forge.

Drunken Bear is almost inhumanly huge, and usually smells of either coal smoke or of cheap booze.