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Rylos Planaria

Campaign Happenings


Early in his visit to Icewind Dale, Rylos had a strange series of dreams:


You dream of being in a small room, with oddly glowing walls and ceiling. Hazarkin is there too. Suddenly, everything shakes, then you are thrown against one wall. Hard. Everything fades to black.


The nightmare comes again.

You dream again of the small room. It is dimly lit, from no apparent source, and the walls seem chitinous, like an insect's skin. You try to move, bu your arms are shackled to the wall. Your body aches, and you welcome it. You know that every time the pain stops, you lose a little more of yourself.

The nightmare comes again. Left, you see two others chained to the wall, Hazarkin and the woman. The room brightens, and you know they have come back. You batter yourself against the wall, and this time, they choose the woman.

You see them, see the tentacles and the teeth beneath, then wake.


The nightmare returns, with the sense of a memory rather than a dream. The cargo hold is as before, slick and alien and horrifying. You are still imprisoned, chained to the wall. The woman to your left hangs limp. You can see the hole in her head where the things ate into her. You remember when they came for you, and shudder. Your thoughts are scattered, and you have trouble remembering. You have a brief impression of.. Duerger? Your ancestor fled to another plane; why would Duerger need his forge? Then there is a sense of movement, the bottom seems to fall out of the room, and then everything goes white.

You wake.


As you sleep you recall more, with the cold certainty that this was no dream. Your wrists throbs where the chains caught you, and you pray to heal them. The room is pitched at a steep angle. One of the things has come for you. It is injured, its tentacles bruised and battered. But your hands are still restrained, and you can't fight it off. It is small, smaller than you. But it fastens itself onto your head, and you hear the horrible crunching and biting. Terror rises and you feel yourself slipping away, draining into the darkness. Then a sudden, sharp blow cracks into you and the thing. Your eyes water, you see stars, and feel your self return as the thing's teeth leave your brain and it drops, boneless and limp.

The dream fades, and you wake, feeling the scar hiding under your hair.


Memories return like flashes of lightening on a stormy sea. You remember Hazarkin freeing you. You remember healing him, and the pair of you stumbling out of the ship. You remember fleeing down the mountain, wandering south towards the sun. You remember finding your way back to a town, and you remember the fog covering your memories. You remember forgetting, remember meeting Hazarkin in the tavern, but not knowing him. Remember trusting him and volunteering for a dangerous delve into a forgotten fortress. And you remember slipping away, fading into the darkness, and how getting ht brought you back and made you yourself again.

And, just before you wake, you remember where you left the wreck.

It's in the mountains, not far from the Glitterhame.