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Raflamir was born into a clan of wood elves in the low mountains. His father, Rathal, joined the fight against the necromancer when Raflamir was a child. He was forbidden to go, and his father never returned. He heard rumors that Rathal's party was ambushed and killed by an undead raiding party and has had a joy of killing the undead since. Although years have past, Raflamir still seeks information about his father's disappearance although he has given up hope of his return.

His mother, Alavara and younger sister were killed when thieves came through their encampment while Raflamir was away. He followed the party of thieves north into and across Icewind Dale and was able to find them over the course of twenty five years and quietly bring each to personal justice. He became familiar with the Dale and decided to remain, with no family to return to. He settled outside of Lonelywood and has been hunting and trapping since.