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Utani Bharacter


Utani Bharacter (né Durothil) was born in DR 897. For centuries, she was the pride of the elven nation.  She was the first Durothil born on Evermeet, and exemplified Elven virtues throughout her life. From young age, even before her 50th birthday, she studied a single haiku, seeking not to learn it, but simply to rerecord it in especially nice script. Over the course of the next three hundred and seventy years, she worked at that transcription, eventually unveiling what is universally acknowledged as the fourteenth finest reproduction of See'sevai'lar'ian's “The Frog Says Ribbet” ever produced, and the third finest surviving example. 

At a gala celebrating her completion of the inscription of the word 'Frog', she was introduced to Wealand Symbaern. Then still a 90 year old wunderkind, she was smitten with his worldly attitude and rebellious streak. Her unrequited crush matured into a mutual admiration over the next century, and they remained in touch until the completion of her magnum opus. Then his bad influence convinced her to pick up wizardry, but also to do so in a scandalous manner: not only did she study more than one school, she also also had the gall to do so quickly, with Wealand's tutelage advancing her to relatively esoteric areas of study within the space of a few years. Eventually, Wealand's vocal atheism drove a wedge between the two, and he left. Shortly thereafter though, King Zaor was betrayed and killed, and Amlaruil's clear preference for eternal mourning over clerical mending shattered Utani's faith in traditional elven culture. With newfound determination, she went looking for Wealand, and found him after several amusing misadventures. After convincing her to prepare somewhat better for the world, he helped her get reincarnated as he had. Unfortunately, she was not as lucky, and while he ended still an elf and still able to return to Evermeet, she returned a gnome. Knowing that she was forever barred from returning to her homeland, Utani changed her name and has travelled with Wealand since. 




item cost
Utani's headband 17375
reincarnate 280
handy haversack 2000
ring of sustenance 2500
scrolls of mage armor, obscuring mist, expeditious retreat 100
spell copying fees 1150
1200 GP onyx 1200
Spellcraft reference book 50
Wand of Divine Inspiration (20 charges) 1800
Scroll of Knock, Invisibility 0
Spell Component pouch x2 10
Wizard's Spellbook *2 30
Scroll: command undead 75
175 Masterwork Studded Leather Bird Barding 175

remaining 255g