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Session Seven

Having at last laid the Forgetten King to rest, the party regroups and returns to the Tiny Town of Tarrelton. There, they meet

A New Friend.

Irenicus is passing through Terrelton on an errand for his mysterious benefactors. He has a map of “Vraath Keep” which suggests a hidden equipment cache, but rumors of scary beasts in the environs have made him none-too-eager to explore it alone. Having heard rumor of a group of strong warriors in the area, he has been hoping to hire them.

On the party's return, Irenicus approaches them with offers of fabulous wealth for the taking. Naturally Redbeard wants no part of any “fabulous wealth,” but is somewhat mollified by carefully targeted applications of booze. Irenicus is somewhat worse for wear, but, nonetheless, concludes a mutually acceptable deal the next day with a 25-75 split of any proceeds.

The party sets out for Drellin's Ferry, but their journey Is interrupted by an


En route, our hearty heroes are halted by hapless hobgoblin highwaymen. The keen-eyed party spots the ambush though, and assaults their erstwhile attackers. After an unfortunate series of slapstick, the party quickly deals with the original attackers. The fight is not over though, as more arrive from a shack to the south. Harinart and his Amazing Ambulatory Cadavers go to deal with these reinforcements, which will be a good plan.

It is not a good plan.

Although for a time the dice decree an ongoing padded-sumo slapfight, Probablilty demands her due, and Harinart dies as he lived: mediocrely.

After dealing with the newly hostile Amazing Ambulatory Cadavers and playing a deadly game of blind man's bluff, the party continues on to

Drellin's Ferry.

Drellin's Ferry is notable almost entirely for being located where a trade route crosses a river. It is small, but has a (small) force of guards for defense. It is also home to a (small) handful of craftsmen. After splitting the party three ways, one group is approached by Norro, the Town Speaker, to deal with hobgoblin raiders who have been harassing the outlying farms (and more importantly, the trade routes). At the party's suggestion, he agrees that Vraath Keep might reasonably be where the raiders are holed up. Eventually, the party agrees to sleep on it, and give him an answer in the morning.

Next Time: Assault on Vraath Keep