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Goblins, and Wolves, and Bugbears! Oh My!

The party has spent the last three months guarding a caravan, belonging to the most unusual pair of Sten the halfling and Nog the half-orc, going from Everlund to Waterdeep and back. With one day left on the return trip, the caravan is attacked by a group of six goblins. Harinart and Odo notice the approaching threat first, and stop the caravan. After a brief battle, the goblins are mostly in pieces. Redbeard stops to retrieve his axe from where it ended up in the woods, and the party continues. Further up the road, a goblin druid and his wolf confront the party from behind a boulder. This threat is dispatched after a series of comedic errors as well. The goblin troops were carrying a map, which the party takes. Upon review, Odo believes he recognizes a mountain range featured on the map, but without having a key to the map, they cannot be certain of orientation.

Upon returning to Sten's Everlund compound, the caravan receives lodging, food, payment, and… ahem… recreation. For their services, the party receives 100 gp each. In the morning, Sten requests the party's aid. Evidently, the goblins have recently begun harassing travelers all around Everlund. Sten would like the party to investigate why the goblins are stirred up and stop them. For proof that the goblin threat is ended, the party will receive 500 gp each. A dwarven smith in the compound is able decipher the map key; a series of dotted patterns on the map are actually constellations only visible at a certain orientation. Odo was correct about the mountain range depicted. The part spends a week getting rested and supplied, then sets out to the location on the map.

They arrive at a cave, guarded by four goblins. After taking out three, Harinart charms the fourth and the party questions it. The goblins have been told by Darax, who is “like me, but big,” that their god Noak demands treasure. The party end the cave complex to search out Darax. They navigate the cave for a while and they eventually come to a large set of double doors. They enter to find themselves in a room containing Bigbronc the bugbear who declares, “Time to fight!” A close-quarters battle finds Bigbronc on the wrong side of an axe. The party barricades itself in the room for the night to rest and recover.

Upon waking, Harinart locates a secret door in the room that leads to a goblin common room and barracks. They fight four more goblins, interrogating one to find the Darax's location. All the goblin knows is that he is east of their current location. The party withdraws to the late Bigbronc's room to store their loot and rest. They will seek out Darax the following morning.