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House Rules/Interpretations

  • In general, anything costing up to 15,000 gold is fairly readily available. Anything costing more is not usually for sale for money.
    • Cauldron is small. Anything less than 5000 gold can be found just by walking in to a store. Up to 15,000 might be on the shelf, but can definitely be special-ordered.
  • Wish does not screw you over for using it for any of the listed purposes. If you use it off-label, it is capricious.
    • Wish adds the 3.0 limitation that it will only safely create you an item worth up to 15,000 gold.
  • 40 feet of solid material blocks (nearly) all spells. 40 feet underground, you can't scry on the surface or teleport there, and vice versa.
    • Permanent effects that take time to set up (e.g. portals) are often exceptions.
  • Polymorph uses the latest errata.
  • The swift-action changes replace all the weird casting times (like for feather fall and quickened spells)
  • The Rules compendium is a summary, not a primary source.
  • Divination only works reliably if I have enough forewarning to come up with a response easily.
  • Mindless undead:
    • Controlled mindless undead are mostly automatons. They're evil because they are powered by evil batteries.
    • Uncontrolled mindless undead either do what they were told last, or search for life to destroy.
    • Mindless undead usually do not interact with illusions, and usually automatically treat them as real.