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Hilde left wizarding school without steady employment and no references after the wizarding school phased out of existence to somewhere, maybe the abyss or something. After getting by on craft painting checks for awhile, she fell in with moderate sized trading towns thieves guild. She worked as an enforcer, reminding dockside shop owners it would a shame if someone summoned a fiendish spider in their nice establishments. This came to an end when the guildmaster in a fit of paranoia tried to determine if someone was betraying him had a banquet where he claimed the traitors food was poisoned and an act of contrition would be the only way to get the antidote. As it turned out half the guilt was betraying him, things happened, words were said, and an alchemists fire from Hilde somehow managed to burn down the guild hideout. So Hilde took this an an opportunity to make an sudden career change and relocate before someone decided to be super upset by this unfortunate event.

Hilde came to Cauldron to find Thognak, who owed her money from a incident back when they were apprentice wizards involving a bar, a card game, and a summoned fiendish dire rat. Upon finding out that Thognak was missing and likely dead, she joined the party where they found a possessed wererat Thognak. With Thognak now deceased, Hilde joined the party.