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On the Score: Superblitz, Artemis, Melfina, Needle, Dr. Venom

The gang has a reputation for the weird and daring and that is what Dr. Lisette Severine, a professor at Charterhall School of Medicine and one of Dr. Venom's teachers, needs. Someone or a group of someones is stealing de-ghosted cadavers used for teaching. Imperial decree or not, that the School de-ghosts these cadavers and does not provide them the Spirit Wardens to be dissolved does not sit well with various factions in the city and if they are now losing cadavers that will be an issue for Charterhall. Dr. Severine needs a group to perform some skullduggery, stop any more thefts, and if possible retrieve the cadavers (6 coin plus possible bonus for more).

The gang's first thought is an inside job and the first suspect is Rolo, manager of the university morgue. Dr. Venom knows Rolo frequents the Veil social club and finds him there. Rolo is suspicious of Dr. Venom but after a bribe informs him Dr. Severine cares more of her political future and the likely suspects are some workers who have come into unexpected wealth. Rolo informs him those worker will be on shift the next night.

Meanwhile, Velma has several drinks and gets to know the bartender Eduardo. After a night she learns that Rolo has been boasting of new wealth and that he is finally getting what he deserves.

The gang go to search Rolo's apartment but find him at home. With some intimidation they learn that Rolo is selling the cadavers to the Grinders. A search of his apartment finds a note implying the information he gave Dr Venom was to set him up to walk into a Grinder ambush. They knock out Rolo and hilarity ensues. The gang return to Charterhall and evidence is sufficient for Dr. Severine to provide a Hull guarding the school to assist if the confrontation turns into a brawl.

The gang gets into position and sees the Grinders arrive by gondola. Melfina sees a Grinder sniper get onto the rooftops and she moves to incapacitate him as the Grinders approach.

To be continued