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Scurlock Gets a Headache

Session Date: 11-18-2022

Players: Josh, Mary, Logan & Maggie (in the bushes)

Background: Needle activates the artifact. The Building Inspectors can't remember anything specific about the Unseen but do remember many many things about the foundation.

(Insert Info here)

We ask the henchmen about the Unseen. Mara remembers working for Grull who claimed to be part of the inner circle of the Unseen.

Trying to get more answers, the Building Inspectors take the artifact and active it around Lord Scurlock. He starts screaming in pain and his servants take him away. The Building Inspectors attempt to follow but the servants are insistent they leave him alone.

They leave and decide to go after Grull.

The Score: It is decided that a direct attack on Grull's business “Johnhallow's Coaches and Taxis”.

They are able to quickly dispatch Grull's gang with no losses from the Building Inspectors. A deal is struck and Grull gives up. Needle is able to get a couple of key parts from a Hull one of which is damaged.

The Building Inspectors take Grull and escape from the scene.

Post: Follow up with Scurlock to see how he is doing. They meet woman with jet black eyes and a large mouth filled with sharp teeth (like a shark). She speaks “So you are the ones that did this to Scurlock. You will now perform a task to clean up this mess”.

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