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On the score: Artemis, Dr Venom, Needle

Word is out about the Alley Crabs and it's bringing offers of work to the gang. With the war in Crows Foot raging the Red Sashes are looking for muscle and use the ties of ancestry to contact Artemis. The Red Sashes have found a townhouse the Lampblacks are using as a staging point/recruiting center and know that there is a war chest ripe for the taking. Offer is simple, location of the war chest and all it contains (6 coin) in exchange for driving the Lampblacks off. The gang accepts and heads into Crows Foot to pull off the score.

Needle and Dr Venom try the good old building inspector trick while Artemis provides overwatch. This gets them into the front door and right into room of heavily armed Lampblacks not buying that they are building inspectors. Needle and Dr Venom manage to talk down the situation before it gets violent and convince the Lampblack in charge Cutter that they are Lampblack recruits. This doesn't achieve their goal of getting to the Lampblack's safe as Cutter wants them on the raid into Red Sashes territory. Artemis sends Carlisle in to find the safe/be a distraction, the Lampblacks don't pay much attention to him running through the townhouse. Needle continues his building inspector routine claiming that walls need to be inspected for ghosts. Gwen, Cutter's second really wasn't buying it so Needle summons a ghost. The Lampblacks send a runner to bring a Whisper while Dr Venom works to convince Cutter to abandon the townhouse. Artemis tries to take a shot on the runner and misses, chaos ensues on the street. Dr Venom tries to apply drowning powder onto Cutter but fumbles, Cutter grabs Dr. Venom and rams him at knifepoint against the wall. Needle finds another ghost to call that attacks Cutter. Screams are heard from the first floor. The gang finds the safe and after a couple attempts break the lock and grab the contents. They escape just as Lampblack reinforcements arrive.

Aftermath: Mylera is happy with the outcome, the Lampblacks less so. No direct ties but the rumors point to the gang. Word is no one died but Cutter is looking worse for wear and has it out for Dr. Venom. He knows the face and sooner or later he'll have a name.