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Background-Look no one in this city is surprised the Ink Rakes made a new enemy. But the Alley Crabs? The only reason any souls outside of a run down part of Barrowcleft had even heard of them was a story that last weeks laborer arcing into a rail line was from the 'grain' alcohol they hawk really being distilled fungus cut with spark. Would have been the end of it but they took it personal and smashed the rags printing press. Ink Rakes won't tolerate this loss of face which is where you come in. End the Alley Crabs, smashing their still should be enough.

The Score-Sometimes a plan goes off like a well oiled sparkwright machine. Other times the roof gives way dropping you into a warehouse. It was going to be tricky to convince the Alley Crabs Needle was really a building inspector but it did keep the situation from devolving immediately into violence. For awhile at least, but Superblitz's dog appearing out of no where was a good way to convince Boro violence wasn't going to go his way. Then Dr. Venom spectacularly decided to explode the still, right in his face no less. How he walked away without missing limbs is anyones guess. No sign of Lara, but the score was just to get the still and no way the Alley Cats are coming back from this one. And that spirit leveling everything the explosion didn't gave the authorities something to deal with that wasn't the gang.

Gotta wonder though, there were 5 people in the warehouse and you are pretty sure the Alley Crabs only had 4.

Aftermath- The Ink Rakes are elated how this turned out, not only problem solved but the explosion and ghost running amok provided enough front page stories for a week. They help make connections for the gang to upgrade themselves.

The city underworld takes notice that the gang is a new player. Not much now but the way you took down the Alley Crabs made Doskvol notice. Though rumor on the streets is the Dimmer Sisters of all people took exception to this. But why would that reclusive house bound coven care? The spark the Alley Crabs were using?

Found Boro a week later dead in a gutter. Word is though Lara is still alive and joined up with Grinders. Doubt she is too happy with the gang.